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CEO Message

CEO Taskar


We, group of IITians, IIMians have introduced “Taskar-India’s 1st healthcare mall” (Mini Hospital). It’s a safest business for those who have vacant commercial space, money lying in banks, don’t know where to invest! and want to earn well without any personal involvement or want to help their kids with a sustainable business for generations to come.

This business is built keeping in mind the actual health & it’s availability problems of 100 Crore+ Indian’s residing in tier-1, 2, 3 locations of India. Hence, we, at Taskar for the first time in India, have decided to provide unlimited free MBBS doctor consultation & upto 85% discounted healthcare products at online & offline both platforms in shortest possible time at nearest possible location!

But this journey is not possible without YOU! Let’s achieve this mission #healthcareforall #socialcause & #givingbacktosociety initiative by starting any of our #CovidFreeConcept (Mini, Mega or City’s Pride) which is completely managed by us & ensures ROI in 12-15 months.

Sincerely, Prasoon
IIM Lucknow CEO,
Taskar-India’s 1st Healthcare Mall (India Division)